Glenn White Builders LLC West Chester PA, wont stand behind his homes!

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Glenn White will NOT stand behind his workmanship. Since day 1 nothing but issues with leaks from roof and windows (not sure if there is a cheaper window on the market either?). Builder caulks everything as a repair only during the 1 year warranty window. After that, he claims to have done above and beyond and you (the poor buyer who keeps him in business) are simply not appreciative.

Now we are stuck with a cost of 35k to repair improper installation of stucco and windows as we have leaks which are now visible and continue to get worse over time. He wont call you either. Everything goes through his administrative assistant. I would stay away from this builder at all costs. I have many quotes and have talked to many stucco experts as well as moisture experts and the issue is from workmanship.

It is unfortunate we trusted the builder during the 1yr warranty period as it now is something we are stuck with and he continues to do inferior work building more new homes. If you purchased a home recently and have any issues at all, I suggest you pursue what you feel is right and not trust him. He is simply about himself and saving money.


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You can sue a builder after 4 years for anything and 12 years for others. Get a lawyer NOW. You can get money for this!!!!!!

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You are the only person I have heard of that has a complaint with Glenn White Builders. He goes way beyond what most builders would do to make his customers happy.

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We shall see about that.With that said, if you had paid over 500k for a home and have had water leaks since day 1 which were never fixed properly and now have to pay over 35k to correct the problems which are direclty related to workmanship, you would feel that Glenn made you happy?

Our experience is not so happy.All we want is to have our home fixed properly and for Glenn to step up and do such.

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wcnurse would be mrs. white !


Glenn White is a great builder< you are a ***

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Yes, I must be a *** and you must be a genius.over 500k for a home and mold inside the walls along with water leaking inside my windows.

Yes, a true *** I am. I do not usually wish ill on anyone, but I certainly wish you had my home issues. If Glenn (aka to you as Mr. Great builder) would simply be a stand up human being and business man who wants to be respected in the industry and stand behind his product, then I would have no problem.

Unfortunately he is none of the above.

What I said is nothing more than the truth about my experience with him.If you think this is something I enjoy, then are in fact a ***!

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Maybe he can build a doll house.


Its a shame you have to deal with a builder that way!

He should take a class on customer service!

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